Well You Never

Training courses often throw up new takes on the world of Legal Aid. Last week one delegate outlined his appeal against a decision to disallow one of 2 claims for Public Law graduated fees, having acted for 2 joined parties under 2 certificates in a care case. The day after I had a call from someone wanting to achieve the opposite. I have to say I was of the “one case ,one fee” persuasion and consequently a little pessimistic about our delegates chances.
How wrong can you be? Today he was invited to resubmit both claims for payment. Your experiences welcomed.

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4 comments on “Well You Never

  • Quote from LSC guidance
    “There is no 2+ fee for joined parties, If only one client is joined into the proceedings then one fixed fee would be payable,. If tow clients are joined into the proceedings then two fees for joined clients will be payable”
    Leading on from that if the client is not joined you have to claim at the old hourly rates.

  • I of course meant “two” clients, thought some public law solicitors do tow their clients behind them when they move firms.

  • Plus, what no comment on the new fun to be had with split billing, bills of cost, CLAIM1s etc with the new VAT changes.

  • We are on the VAT issue as we speak – I have both a physical and metaphorical pain in my neck today.

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