Happy Christmas 

To all our clients and readers. This, by Low, is my second favourite Xmas song and we did Kirsty and the Pogues last year. (I notice on You tube that Snow Patrol have covered it too). Have a good one.


Sorry, I have been remiss with postings here this week, some interviewing, in-house training and my new admin role have got in the way a bit. Usually I would have read all of the new stuff here and provided you a quick synopsis but unfortunately other more urgent things are calling. Might try this weekend […]

Job Spot 

Interviewing for Sandra’s replacement later so limited time to blog. Hopefully we will find someone and things can begin to return to normal – including here.

On Cynicism 

I trained what was comparatively a very young team the other week – a general introduction to the civil scheme. Speaking afterwards the supervisors expressed how difficult it is to match new young fee earners enthusiasm, burgeoning professionalism and commitment high standards of client care with the economic imperatives of a standard fee based scheme. […]

Rebellion (Lies) 

Graham has been listening to this lot this afternoon whilst costs drafting away – it is over a year since they had the Friday song slot so here, from Canada, are Arcade Fire.


Even More on VAT Here is a further guidance document which we will all have to read (might not have time myself today playing live tonight need a bit of a practice, and a shave). Two other new items to read too. If anyone wants to shove a summary for us hard pressed amateur musicians […]

Good Result 

We got news of another positive outcome to an “appeal” yesterday evening. I will, indeed must, spare you the detail but essentially it involved Duty Solicitor scheme compliance. Our other most recent case was similarly to do with Duty rota issues. Both cases could have theoretically left us conflicted (indeed I might find myself on […]


In between learning my new job I have had the usual phone traffic. This included a delegate at one of the Commissions courses concerning the reloading of Online billing. Despite feeling that they have done much better this time he did express the concern that the assumptions surrounding maximum, logged on at any one time, […]

Two Hats 

This is my first day, for hopefully a short duration, as admin. officer in addition to my other duties. Fortunately the phone has been pretty quiet, mainly nuisance calls, so I am making pretty good progress despite invoicing seemingly being much more complicated then when I previously did both roles. Trust there to be a […]


As we let you know earlier in the week, today is Sandra’s last day as JRS Director of Administrative Services. I know from the regular feedback I receive how much you value her work as part of the JRS gang, and that she will be missed. These are, of course, feelings we echo. We, and […]