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Have you received a Family Fees impact assessment from the LSC this morning? If not one may well be in the post. They are a “finger in the wind” comparison of your recent claims patterns against the proposed new fee scheme. The one Andy has seen this morning shows the firm making more out of the scheme than previously.
We would be interested in your experiences especially if yours shows you losing out.

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  • Heard of several of these with a plus figure. However, I find it hard to believe that the LSC would put forward a scheme that would pay providers more. Or am I just an old cynic, in my defence I just heard of travel expenses being disallowed and following enquiries I came across this, which is new costs guidance (28/02/09). If look at page 18 item 5 you’ll see the reason. This has changed from the original costs guidance on this issue in this guidance (page 29 3.14).

  • My cynicism leads me to think that it is an attempt to demonstrate money moving from the pockets of the Bar and into those of LA solicitors.
    The CAG doesn’t have page nos. have you a paragraph reference?

  • 3.14 🙂

  • The 3.14 in the second link, referencing PD rule 43.4, is the same as at 3.14 of LSCM V.2 Section E – are we at cross purposes on this or is my LSCM out of date?

  • The second 3.14 is the same as the LSCM (and I just checked through the latest updates, no change). I noticed that the first link says that it is a draft (thought the properties on the file shows it is newer that the original costs guidance). I think I’ll have to chase this up with the LSC, as it may just be that an assessor is using the wrong guidance.
    The Law Society have published their survey results on the scheme.

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