Online Crash 

A day of frustration here with our fantastic broadband providers e-mail server down. Nothing in, nothing out. Brilliant the day after we did an e-mail shot! Over the phone lines however we are starting to get some feedback on the LSC’s CDS BVT consultation sessions. It is not positive. Tell you own tale in the […]

First Cuckoo 

One autorecbot sighting does not a summer make – as the old saying goes. It does however suggest that the LSC are keen to manage overpayed contracts to within an inch of the SMP Reconciliation Protocol (back to level, or 107.5% in Crime, within 6 months). Do have a chat to us before entering into […]

Online Transformation 

Every Friday from 15th May onwards we intend to offer a weekly “Webinar” service. This will be a lunchtime (1 – 2pm) CPD presentation, over the internet, attracting a CPD point for each person viewing. The benefits are obvious; the potential for highly cost effective training, from (we hope) a respected supplier, without the need […]

Return to Base 

Back in the office with an appeal to compete, some Peer Review stuff to do and an urgent auto reconciliation to have a look at. Having been out for most of last week there are also a pile of e-mails and messages. It is also a quite an interesting and Legal Aidy LS Gazette. The […]

BVT in Brum 

The Birmingham BVT training event went well last night with a fair amount of cash being raised for Birmingham Law Society’s annual charity. Audience reaction to the proposals was as expected – “not enthusiastic”. If you are interested in doing this course check in here on Monday where we will have some exciting news.

Hazards of Love 

There are a number of things wrong with this weeks choice – the lack of a proper video for starters. More importantly this is the last of 17 interwoven songs from what, in the 70s, we would have called a “concept album”. (Indeed this is the 4th version of the title track on the CD). […]

Lost In Translation 

Having trouble with prior authorities for translation disbursements? Strangely we have come across an identical situation, at either end of the country, regarding written translation of prosecution documents. The LSC want to/did allow a rate significantly below the market rate, and against CBAM guidance. If this is affecting you give us a ring.

Busy Time 

Things are particularly busy in JRS world hence the 2-day gap in posting here. It has been a mix of CCA appeals (old and new), some Duty Regulations stuff, another upsurge in Peer Review issues and even some SQM issues. Top that off with visits to cleints to discuss CLS procurement, CDS BVT and preparing […]

Radios in Motion 

Listened to XTC’s greatest hits last Friday (which is a surprisingly full album). This is not on it but is about my favourite track of theirs. Bit of nostalgia, “goin’ back in time” etc. which does leave one feeling a little old!

Short and Not so Sweet 

I mentioned below my at Birmingham next week. Here is the official flyer and here is a booking form. See some of you there and I am up for a beer afterwards.