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Back in the office with an appeal to compete, some Peer Review stuff to do and an urgent auto reconciliation to have a look at. Having been out for most of last week there are also a pile of e-mails and messages. It is also a quite an interesting and Legal Aidy LS Gazette.
The front page article on Solicitor Advocates and litigators fees (the Judge apparently suggested that costs issues led the firm to do it’s own advocacy) is another of the potential “perverse” outcomes of standard fee schemes. It is an issue which will undoubtedly run and run.
There is also this clarification on social welfare law consortia which I cannot find in the paper copy.
It was the comment piece about the 60th Anniversary of Legal Aid which caught my eye. The main reason for this is that it references this new book from the Legal Action Group. It is co-authored by Jon Robins who was editor at Independent Lawyer when I did a redux of this place as a column – so I thought I owed him a plug.

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