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This is a first a blog direct from a train (though the WiFi is a bit slow)
Andy and I met last night to discuss, amongst other things the CDS BVT stuff. He, by way of preparation, went through the video presentation on this page. It is apparently a must see.
I did my first CPD briefing on the proposals last week (with one in Birmingham shortly) and we intend to present this on the web on May 8th. Whilst writing it I made the conscious decision NOT to try and explain the “declining clock auction” in any great detail. Andy’s view is that this part of their presentation will be sufficient to help you “take a view” for consultation purposes. If it becomes the chosen option we will have to find a more effective way of dealing with it at a later stage.
More to follow soon on the Birmingham and May 8th events, in the meantime give Jayne a ring for further details.

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