PoP Coming On

As mentioned yesterday I am dealing with a batch of things at the moment and after more hassle with “on-line” banking I settled down for a bit of also abortive appeal preparation.
I have my first Fixed Fee Contract Compliance Audit (FFCCA) to go as far as an Independent Costs Adjudicator. These for, those out of the loop, focus on nil assessments for breach of contact rules, primarily proof of means issues on Legal Help, as in this case. The nub of this one is – can we do ANY work before proof of means is supplied? I say YES the Commission says NO. I am sure Harry Hill would have an easier solution that these appeals and the Point of Principle application we will inevitably have to make if we don’t succeed.

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  • Interesting to see how you get on. I keep telling them obtain proof of means first and if not available phone the agency and obtain telephone confirmation and record details on file.
    Harry Hill mode
    Guess who wins

  • Thats very good.
    Spoke to a costs Adjudicator yesterday who agrees with me but bins all single attendance, no proof of means claims in his firm – so there goes the swings (or roundabouts) of the standard fee scheme.
    On a similar note Andy crunched some numbers yesterday where the client firm are losing over

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