First Cut

For most there is a welcome slowing down in the implementation timetable for this ill considered nonsense. For Manchester and Avon no such luck. This suggests no national “roll out” of BVT until 2013 following the “pilot” evaluation. As I have said before it is difficult to see how this can be called a pilot as it goes live with potentially significant reductions to the supplier base. The absolute minimum of 8 providers per scheme has been dropped, for a scheme variable alternative, so most “pilot” areas face a potential decimation in firms.
The bidding is to be the “declining clock” auction based on price competition for Duty slots. A threat of “fines” and a secondary scoring procedure for tied bids has been added to reduce the risk of suicide bids.
There is some minor tweaking elsewhere but that looks about it to me on a quick first read.
We might do an extra webinar next week if there is sufficient interest – let us know and I will get too it – after doing other pressing tasks and holiday relief.
Manchester and Bristol firms you know what you have to do!

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