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There has been quite a bit interest in the issue of Peer review and Quality Assurance in the letters page of the Gazette since the article we commented upon here.
(I am immersed in a PR appeal at the moment and have the distraction of a “formal review” of a PR related termination this morning. I have had a phone call about an alternative on-site visit into the bargain).
What strikes me about the LSC position – we are now commissioners not regulators – is the lack of public discussion there has been about this reversal. It is something we began commenting on with the change of name and the introduction of contracting in 2000. The process has certainly accelerated under the current leadership with any number of previous initiatives being dropped PR included – despite what the LSC reps say in the Gazette.
Now this is a decision with which I agree – PR is not a test of substantive legal quality but rather of certain (important) service standards which can be undertaken without the clunky and expensive PR infrastructure. As ever however these unceremonious tacks in LSC practice are never accompanied by any detailed public accounting.

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