Prison Law

Long day out in-house training yesterday so missed the chance to blog about this.
As predicted there are to be changes to the Prison Law class of work which will include;

A portfolio based supervisor standard – with the usual 350-hour casework requirement
A move to standard fees – surprise, surprise
A tighter Sufficient Benefit Test

Will give it a more detailed read when time allows – CCLF webinar to do now!!
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3 comments on “Prison Law

  • There is no really much more to it than that- they have removed the New Matter Starts proposal for now and will revisit in Summer 2011, there will be lists of cases that they expect to fund (non-exhaustive) and those that they do not (in the 2010 Contract) to guide us on the sufficient benefit test, and the exceptional cases will be paid at hourly rates- there you are, you can concentrate on watching the cricket this weekend now…

  • Ta – cricket over by tea tomorrow weather permitting

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