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I have had a quick first read of the Civil procurement proposals and have decided two things;
1 – I will do a webinar session on them a week on Friday – I like the way this form of training can be so reactive.
2 – We will do a more thorough 3-hour session in early September – I appreciate that this will overlap with the 6-week bidding window but courses in school holidays never seem to work
I wont steal my own thunder by giving chapter and verse here (long posts are dull too) except to say that there are not any major surprises, save the one below. It is a bit disappointing from a trainers point of view however, that certain key elements, which are the integrated A and B areas, what are the local minimum NMS volumes etc., are not reproduced at this time.
This section did however stand out to me – did anyone have a discussion about this at their consultation events?

5.20. Where the total number of matter starts requested exceed the volume available for the procurement area, we propose that new matter starts will be allocated to providers following a ranking exercise using selection criteria. Providers would receive matter start allocations in order of ranking up to the point where the available new matter starts were used up. The remaining lower ranked applicants would have their bid rejected.

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