Independence Day

One of my all time favourites, Magazine, turned up on last weeks Later (albeit somewhat more rotund than in their heyday) Since then I have been listening to all sorts of stuff from that late 70s early 80s era during the morning dog walk – which is helping with my post punk weight management!
Another LP which got played to death at that time and I still love is Waiting for a Miracle by the Comsat Angels, something I share with Mark Kermode and Simon Armitage. (The similarity of my feelings about the record is scarily close to theirs – this link is a must for readers of a similar age and inclination)
I wanted to post “Real Story” but there is no video, although it does have a still of the iconic cover discussed in the Culture show clip above.

PS. “Sleep no More”which K & A talk about is from the album of the same name. It was the promo tour for this release that brought them to the, now bulldozed, Kirklevington Country Club (The Kirk to Teessiders) where I saw them on 20th September 1981 (That site of theirs is a mine of information)

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