True or False

The speculation about the BVT Pilots continues. The most common opinion I come across, which has been given further credence last weeks developments, is that this is dead in the water. Others, including a client who attended one of the management training sessions, remain nervous about the possibility watching their firms disappear in an on-line auction. The LSC representatives seemed quite bullish about the project apparently.
I tend to agree with the former especially given the MoJs interventions and guess that most firms will put their hands up to the current reduced fees rather than face BVT head on. We shall see.

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2 comments on “True or False

  • Lord Bach said at the LAPG conference that “the Pilots had to go ahead and too late to stop them” effectively…

  • Yes but he can’t be seen to lose face yet! But that is probably a reason why the lunatics will try to press on because they cannot be seen to lose face.

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