Friday Webinar

2010 Procurement Rounds: An Overview
Are you still confused over the timetables and nature of next years Criminal and Civil “procurement” rounds? This weeks session, Friday 13th, is designed to clear up any remaining misconceptions about these processes and to provide some thoughts on necessary preparation.
The date and subject matter are purely coincidental.

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3 comments on “Friday Webinar

  • Can I just say that I sat through my first Webinar today and highly recommend it. It was so easy to use and I enjoyed it in a nice warm office with a sandwich in one hand and a nice cup of coffee in the other.
    If you’ve not tried it yet give it a go. By the way it was a beef salad sandwich in case anyone is wondering(other sandwiches are available). What would yours be?

  • New York Deli pastrami (M&S) if available.

  • make mine a Thommo please…

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