Heavy News Day

It has been a particularly busy day here today – which might might make up for the likely radio silence tomorrow and Thursday. Two other new items have turned up at the LSC site which I will deal with in order of priority.
This item makes it clear that instructing an Independent Social Worker, when a Guardian has not been appointed, is not an allowable disbursement.
A generic “Quality” guide – not really sure who this is for.

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3 comments on “Heavy News Day

  • The generic guide is for those categories where there is little expertise available (in the shape of Peer Reviewers) to draft a category specific guide…AAP, Community Care etc, but people would be better off watching a webinar on Peer Review, if you run it again…

  • But is there any intent to review these firms – and do they even have panels of reviewers?

  • yep, am aware of such reviews;
    But concede the point that they have then backtracked afterwards, given the lack of people to undertake the reviews, hence the announcement on 1st October as follows:
    “Actions against the police

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