Sorry for the radio silence around here recently. A range of work and domestic factors (no central heating for over a week) have intervened. I hope to be back on track this week though I am away in London on Wednesday and Thursday.
Any how here is news of our 2 webinars in December – an ideal Christmas present!!

Legal Aid a Users Round Up
There are so many LSC initiatives and activities going on at present that it is easy to lose touch. This course is an attempt to summarise all the smaller issues, individually too small to justify a course of their own, to which firms might have to respond.
We will cover issues such as contract reconciliation, UPOA (outstanding payments on account) live consultations and much more.

Should we have more information on next years procurement rounds we will include some of that too. In any event we are setting aside next weeks, last webinar of the year, Friday 11th December, to provide a guide to essential, post Xmas “Preparation for Procurement”.

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