I have had a call from a client who successfully represented a youth, with ADHD, at a 6-day trial. This involved the cross examination of very young witnesses and an abuse of process argument.
On these basics alone, does anyone disagree that this case is “out of the ordinary” in comparison with the “generality of criminal casework”?

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  • Of course it meets the Broudie Test!
    Length of trial is enough in itself regardless of anything else.
    Simple question how many six day trials have I done in the last 18 years?
    If its been refused seek an urgent internal review and tell them to stop being stupid!

  • No way is this NOT “out of the ordinary”!

  • Nigel
    I think the basic percentages of NSFs probably makes them “Broudie” regardless of anything else. Nuts isnt it – I guess you will not get the adjudication.
    7-day trials every day at Clader mags I hear!!!!
    Nice to hear form you both – seasons greatings.

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