Breaking News 

Sorry – pressure of work has precluded posting here today. Not even a song. It is late on now and as ever the news of the day comes through from the LSC at 16.45. Check the tender pages where procurement plans have gone but at least we know we have a 7 week bid window. […]


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WARNING Immigration bidders please make sure that you have completed the “Commercial Response” section of the ITT – IN FULL. Before you “publish”. There are two sections to ITT the “Technical Response” and the “Commercial Response”. Once again we have received a call from a firm who have missed this vital section of […]

Immigration Bidding News 

The Private Sector Applicant Information Form, about which we have commented before is subject to this notice. Seems you will have to submit this information at some point, however not right now. It seems that the form is “corrupt”. Immigration firms therefore do not have have to upload this in their soon to be “published” […]


The Mental Health procurement plan has finally been published.

Civil Bidding Webinar 

I think I have said this here before, I certainly have said it out-loud, and once again I have marked a fresh immigration bid this morning which was fatally flawed by a simple error. (Made because the software is not a transparent as it should be). I am covering all this sort of thing on […]

Wishing On A Star 

The original Rose Royce version of this has just been on the radio. Unsurprisingly I prefer this one (it is one me and our kid do too); Finally good luck to the Mighty Leeds tomorrow.


Immigration FAQ has just been published on-line and is now hot off the press (well laser printer, and they are hot – in the physical sense and not in the way youngsters use the word). Our clients question – Is the Private Sector Applicant Information Form* mandatory? – has not been answered (although questions about […]

Relocation Relocation Relocation 

Autorecbots get a permanent home in Jarrow. Unsurprisingly I already knew this.

Poster Boy 

There is much internet tomfoolery going on with the now infamous “airbrushed” David Cameron poster. This website allows you to make one yourself and this is my topical attempt. Do have a go and send them in.

Sympathy for the Devil? 

A client, who wants to remain nameless, forwarded this link to oral evidence at the Public Accounts Committee. (I am required to make it clear that this is an UNCORRECTED transcript and that the participants have not had the chance to make corrections as yet). Some of it is astounding and you might find it […]