Not A Pay Day

You will doubtless have received an e-mail indicating that today’s anticipated BACS run will not take place due to “some technical reasons”. You will however be pleased to note that the LSC have –

“escalated this issue to our contracted provider at a very senior level and have invoked our established contingency plans, but these will take some time to fully implement”.

Sucessfull “excalation” completed –

“Your BACS payment will therefore be in your bank account on Friday 8 January, which is one day later than usual”.

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2 comments on “Not A Pay Day

  • Are things falling apart now they are down to a skeleton staff? Does anyone know who deals with enquiries at the LSC offices that have lost staff?

  • Have not needed to ring one yet although have heard a couple of stories about account managers complaining about key decisions (contract reconcilliations) having been taken from them and sent to Newcastle.

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