Train in Vain

I am trying to make up for the time lost on Monday due very-poor-indeed East Coast Railways (or whatever they are called). It is marginally better today, random WiFi access every once in a while, but not when you need it. I am currently in a fallow period and trying to get an answer to the question multiple callers are asking regarding some further contract documentation sent out by the LSC today.
Will add more if and when we get an answer.

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2 comments on “Train in Vain

  • Simon if its the 2008 contract e mail from Hugh Barrett,then we can just ignore it. It was quite fun to send him lots of e mails saying how incompetent they were and demanding an apology! I have seen a copy of the e mail forwarded by AK from HB apologising for the confusion! Doesn’t fill you with confidence does it!

  • Thanks for that – I am sure that you are right.

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