Words of Warning

I checked a bid yesterday where a regular mistake was made in the form of a “YES” answer to the ITT question –
“Have you had a confirmed Peer Review rating of 4 or 5 in the Mental Health Category of Law since 10 February 2007?”
The correct answer is “NO”

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3 comments on “Words of Warning

  • M Health bidders beware!
    I have spotted this issue and raised the following question on the portal- don’t publish yet until they clarify!
    19/02/2010 14:36 Subject Limited Liability QuestionMessage why is there no option in the drop-down (to the limited liability question) to say-

  • oh, and another thing, if you are going to do a SWL bid too, do you say yes to tolerance for M Health as well as, instead of, or not at all because you will be for the SWL one?! I’ve sked but no response to either question yet- but guess v2 will be out for M Health SHA ITT due to the first point I raise above

  • I have a Q&A outstanding on this and will blog/tell you direct – clients have not told me the answer yet and I am still a long way from home.

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