When The Sun Goes Down..

Everything changes – as the Arctic Monkeys told us .
In our current world it means that the phone stops ringing off the cradle and we can get some “physical” work done on virtual bids. If we sound brusk and impatient on the phones at present please accept our apologies – we are just trying to get through as many as we can in the quickest possible time.
The old Marton Office is once again a hub of post sundown activity with the, now close to being pensioned off, original, dome based, iMac providing the soundtrack.
I have recently listened to
Lots of Miles Davis (esp Doo-Bop)
Lots of Belle & Sebastian (esp Life’s Pursuit)
Weller – just loads of the rarity stuff
Corrine – because she is back
Plus a couple of long spells of “shuffle”
Just put on an Alan Jackson LP called “like red on a rose” which I chanced across on Bob Harris Country ages ago. It was produced by Alison Krauss and is wonderful. I got it for a pittance on i Tunes but it is now a tenner – worth it for late night workers.
Stick with us normal service will begin on Monday.

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