Another V.2

The CDS 12 has now been modified and apparently works. I have not had time to have a go myself so please leave your comments below if this is not the case.
I am covering how to complete this on Friday’s webinar.
Russ Myners

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5 comments on “Another V.2

  • Help!
    The save mechanism for this document is bizarre (or is it me?) Do you have to manually enter the schemes on the spreadsheet after the event? It is not an easy form to complete at all, and appears to have further glitches.

  • Had a near nightmare with this misself today (thought we had lost the lot after entering 13 DS over about an hour). I am going to test the “save” thing again tomorrow but think that it is best to “save as” asap – on my PC laptop that means even before enableing macros.
    Will have an answer for the webinar – I hope.

  • Note time of above comment – JRS a genuine 24-hour service!

  • i suppose my main query is: if you are not Birmingham or London, you don’t actually need to enter scheme details anywhere, do you?

  • No you dont – you are correct. Save function still does not work in any meaningful sense.

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