Love in the First Degree

For the first time, in nearly 15 years, a client professed their love for me today.
I have no doubt that there are many more of you out there just a little too shy to do the same and waiting for a similar opportunity, but the first is always, well, the first. That it was over the phone, with someone I have never met, takes a little of the romance out of it I appreciate, but still, it was special.
The reasons to love me are, obviously, legion. In this case however it was imparted knowledge about Specialist Services for Children Contracts (SSC) which replicated Cupids arrow.
Here was a firm, with a borderline bid (in Tender Selection Criteria terms), for which Public Law Children work represents 50% of their fee income. It has been with these firms in mind that we have tried to tie down the LSC (and even TLS) to a definitive answer about the interplay of bidding in the current procurement round.
It has been my view, from the start, that it is entirely acceptable to bid for BOTH a generic family contract and an SSC, concurrently. I further accept that it is NOT possible to hold both of these contracts concurrently.
The LSC refer you to Q 6.a.1 in the final Q&A document linked to in this previous post. This is a particularly unhelpful and vague answer which does not nail the key concern

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