Another Deadline 

Immigration contract notifications are to be “before Thursday 4th June”. Anyone betting on this being the case? UPDATE And Mental Health by the 7th.

Fuel Up 

First Friday song for ages. We have put them up here before but their excellent new album, Beachcombers Windowsill, (despite some concern about the production compared to the live experience) is now out.

World in Motion 

Appeal deadlines today and a completely unexpected emergency tomorrow have once again had an unexpected impact on this place (I have not even looked at the VHCC thing Steve mentioned in the comments below and promised to blog on – that is low priority and can wait). I will now not be at my desk, […]

And Then There Were Three 

Cuts seem to be the order of the day. Here however is one we can all support the reduction of the LSC Manual by one volume down from 4 to 3.

Return of the Webinar 

Got a bit tied up in work again at the end of last so posting here slipped a bit once more. I am also likely to be tied up in a bit of a rash of Peer Review appeals this week. Another victim of the procurement round was the weekly running of the Webinar -which […]

Yes Minister 

Does anybody know anything about the new Legal Aid minister?. Or anyone else from the new MoJ team?.

…Whilst There is Moonlight and Music… 

Had a conversation with a firm last night currently facing 3 or 4 separate forms of assessment from the LSC – all seemingly uncoordinated, from different parts of the UK and despite them all having significant areas of overlap. The “financial stewardship” stuff seems to be central to their concerns and as Andrew K suggests […]

Post Holiday Blues 

Back at my desk clearing post etc more later. It does however seem that things have been far from quiet in the last week or so beginning to wish I had become a VAV!

A hunting we will go !!! 

The central audit team from Nottingham is clearly working hard. We are receiving continuous calls from firms either about to have or have just had audits from this central team. The distance in the areas covered is quite amazing so I hope this certain auditor whose name keeps cropping up is on good travel expenses. […]

Where did the the time go ….! 

Where did the time go …..! As Mr P enjoys a well earned rest (although with a six hour delay I am sure he will be thinking someone has got it in for him) I am left in charge!!! Time does fly when you are having fun so they say, so much so that we […]