A hunting we will go !!!

The central audit team from Nottingham is clearly working hard. We are receiving continuous calls from firms either about to have or have just had audits from this central team. The distance in the areas covered is quite amazing so I hope this certain auditor whose name keeps cropping up is on good travel expenses.
This capped with visits from relationship managers (yes they are still visiting firms but leaving the auditing to these centralised teams) is making it a very nervous time for some suppliers.
Therefore it’s time to dust off copies of your SQM and begin to focus on those long forgotten things like experts registers !!!
If anyone has any problems please call on the usual numbers.

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2 comments on “A hunting we will go !!!

  • Word on the street is that the Relationship manager is going to be become far less friendly. In particular he will be looking in detail at WIP and comparing that with UPOA. Firms with poor time recording systems are going to get hammered!

  • It would appear that LSC @ Cardff is equally busy, looking at (alleged) mismatches between claims and stage codes. I smell a large scale recoupment exercise in full swing…..

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