I remain physically hemmed in by archive boxes full of files and mentally by an array of supplier friction with the LSC which makes a Technicolor dream-coat look positively black and white.
Failed bid appeals
Low new matter starts commiserations
RMS visit outcomes
More bloody Peer Review appeals
Supplier Assurance
more UPOA
even more UPOA
Costs appeals
We have today decided to move offices (within Queensway House) simply to have a bit more space!
Add in NAO assurance files

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4 comments on “Joseph

  • Does anybody know whether we are still expecting SWL and Family results on Friday 9th? or has it been put back?

  • As the contracts are due to start 14th October and the LSC have to give 3 months notice of their decision there isn’t much room for slippage on the date – so fingers crossed we don’t have to wait much longer.

  • According to LAPG:
    “Those who have failed at the PQQ stage should hear this Friday. Everyone else will receive their results 9th July. The LSC do not appear to be updating the relevant page on the website.”

  • An RM told us “Mid July” at a recent audit.
    9th must be likely however as thats the day I go on hols and that will leave poor Andy to deal with all the likely hassle by himself.

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