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Last week ended up being the most depressing and disturbing in our recent history. This was not improved by an over 5-hour return journey at the start of a Bank Holiday.
Obviously I cannot go into too much detail but we now have a significant appeal on our hands to safeguard a firm’s mainstream contract. One thing is for sure nobody, however secure they feel about their relationship with the Commission, is safe under the new “audit” regime.
There is another message too:
Don’t ring us part way through an audit
Don’t ring us when you get an audit notification
Ring us now.

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3 comments on “Telephone Advice

  • Have been off sick quite a while, so out of the loop. What is the new audit regime??

  • Worrying,certainly,but didn’t Carolyn Regan foretell of this in her exquisitely timed letter of Friday 18th December 2009,ensuring Firms would not receive it until 21st.December at earliest (and later allowing for Xmas post) writing to tell us what action the LSC would be taking following their validation of existing processes and issues raised in the reports by the National Audit Office,and how they would be responding to them.

  • Dear both
    The new regime is a mixture of assessment and audit processes which is certainly motivated by their difficulties with the NAO – for which you might get it in the neck.
    Am doing this on the webinar on Friday.

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