On a day when we have Jayne away from the office and everyone else engaged in urgent work every CDS firm in the country seems to have received the same lazy e-mail from theLSC. This, if you have not seen it, asks for information which has largely already been provided (or should have been asked for as part of the tender process). It also fails to distinguish between those firms who “committed to provide” further information and those who gave full, original disclosure.
Unsurprisingly our lines of communication are swamped.
Here is a simple pro-forma response which you can complete and attach to a message in the e-portal.
You have until 15th June.
Any problems please can you hold your calls until next week? (Monday and Friday only).

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  • To be fair, the e-mail only asks for confirmation of the Contract liaison manager’s name; the question about any predecessor body is qualified by the words “where applicable” before it and in the further information part it is clear that you don’t need to do anything if this has been supplied before- appreciate you might not have seen the actual wording Simon, but hope this helps?

  • But why not ask for the Liaison Managers name in the PQQ?
    Why send the rest to those who have compliantly supplied the remainder – thus causing panic. People naturally now want to go back and check that they did it properly etc. Just no need.

  • fair point.

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