Remember Me 

I cannot come up with a themed tune which sums up the range of emotions we have encountered this week so here are BSP who I hope to see in Stockton tomorrow night;

Progress Report 

There isn’t much! The final version of Generic Grounds will definitely not be available until Monday. We are still assessing and sorting appeals. If we have told you that you have a substantive appeal please bear with us I am now going to wait until Sunday to do these. I hope I will get a […]

Did I Say That Outloud? 

It is obvious what the headline story is in the Gazette is this week. The story contains the quote Andy and I could both remember, but could not trace, despite hours of trying earlier in the week. We wanted it for the Generic Appeals. Former LSC chief executive Carolyn Regan had written to the Society […]

Appeals Update 

For those who have, and intend to use even if only in part, our first draft Generic Appeal reps please note that I intend a further section. It is highly unlikely that this will be completed until Monday.

Acceptable E-Portal Mistakes 

Just come across this in the e-portal Please ignore the last message sent to you via this message board by us. This message was sent in error and had another Applicant Organisation’s notification letter attached. Please do not open the attachment entitled “censored”

Hung, Drawn and Halved 

The weight of these appeals is beginning to get a little unbearable, hence the silence here at a time when you would expect us to blogging like mad. Please bear with us we will get back to you as soon as we can, however right now every call puts that back just a little bit […]

Rip It Up 

My current considered opinion regarding Civil procurement;

Family Appeals 

As you can well imagine we are swamped, totally swamped. So much so that we are struggling just to manage basic incoming e-mail traffic. If you have NOT heard from us by Monday 2pm please do get in touch however, we appreciate that this will be difficult. If you could bear with us until then […]

Waiting Over 

Yesterday afternoon turned into a very depressing massacre of the family legal aid supply base. A constant flow of longstanding, and mainly locally significant firms, staring down their last few months of publicly funded practice. The perversity of many of the outcomes are striking too; a sole practitioner with hastily “recruited” panel accredited consultants, on […]

In The Waiting Room 

What a day to return from holidays (as the comments box on the post below captures). Along with those still enduring paranoid waits there are now those looking at severe reductions to their matter start allocations, failure at branch offices and a sprinkling of firms who tried for and didn’t get new SWL categories. We […]