Blade Runner

I genuinely do not know how I will get all I have to, done by Thursday – it might be a long night!
Thanks to those who have rung about contracting problems further release of information, especially Family/SWL decisions, is anticipated shortly. This will probably be whilst I am away, leaving Andy with an unenviable week of almost certain chaos. Think I might have to take a laptop with me though that is likely to be unpopular.
We need the technology to replicate ourselves.

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  • Latest Update from LSC website:
    7 July 2010: We are on course to start notifying applicants through the eTendering system of the outcomes of SWL and Family tenders on 9 July.
    However, due to the scale of the exercise (individual notifications will need to be sent out to each applicant in relation to each category and procurement area they have tendered in), it will take some time to send these and we anticipate that all notifications will be sent out in the course of next week. However, final notifications may not be sent out until 19 July

  • I thought we need a 3 month time period for appeals, we wont have that if not notified until 19th July

  • good point, well made. Should they not be working through the night to get this done given all the angst caused?!

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