Family Appeals

As you can well imagine we are swamped, totally swamped.
So much so that we are struggling just to manage basic incoming e-mail traffic.
If you have NOT heard from us by Monday 2pm please do get in touch however, we appreciate that this will be difficult. If you could bear with us until then and not chase for an update we would be very grateful. This will also help us to get to your case more quickly in any event.
There do seem to us to be a significant, and utterly unacceptable, level of mis-marking of bids, predominantly with regard to panel memberships. How the LSC will unpick this mess is beyond me at present* not least that currently successful firms may well suffer negative consequences as a result of successful appeals.
At some stage I will put pen to paper on my general thoughts but no time now.
Would people appreciate a change to the advertised Webinar next week and a summary of the state of affairs instead?
*excepting the Friday song

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