Not Very Appealing

Dentist, the vets and a flurry of new problems kept me away from here yesterday.
We are very keen to hear from any of the growing band of suppliers who have had a bid rejected as “incomplete” or refused on the basis failing to meet “essential criteria” especially supervisor ratios. The LSC are claiming there is not even a right of appeal in the first set of circumstances
All information dealt with in confidence.

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3 comments on “Not Very Appealing

  • Given that the new Police Station and Court Rotas start a week tomorrow,has anyone received a new Rota yet? or a Contract that can be signed?

  • There is no contract to be signed. If you look at the “contract for signature” it explains what will happen. At some point after 14 July a populated CFS Annex will appear on your LSC Online account.

  • We received by e-mail late yesterday afternoon, the rota for one of our offices @ Tameside. Nothing else yet.

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