If you have been awarded a contract you will have received a request for “confirmation”, as if this were needed, that you can deliver it from October 14th.
For a very few there will be the need to send a Supervisor declaration or an indemnity form but this will not be common. If this is the case DO SO as I do not think they will baulk at saving matter starts by revoking any contract offer they can.
The only contentious issue remains the PSAIF. That is the non-mandatory Excel spreadsheet which pries into your accounts and asks for diversity monitoring information. It can be downloaded from “Buyer Attachments” in the e-portal. We still believe this to be, as stated above, non-mandatory, however it probably makes best sense to complete one and attach it to your “Confirmation” message.
We are so paranoid that we think that they might try and revoke your contract for not titling the message “confirmation” let alone for failing to supply a PSAIF.

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3 comments on “Confirmation

  • So a Judge has recognised that they are irrational and perverse.To quote the Bard Homer “well duh”. Please o wise wigged one tell us something we didnt know?
    Even if the whole sad sorry shambles is scrapped will the muppets who devised it be penalised in any way?
    I am neither wise nor wigged but i know the, they will wiggle free with no comeback for the harm and expense they have left in their incompetent wake.
    Anyway, who really wants to work with the LSC after this..irrational,perverse and entirely duplicitous.
    I would rather hug and kiss some poisonous snakes than put my future in their hands.
    I assume my contempt and loathing for them is shared by many?

  • The LSC are a total and utter disgrace. They have put myself my partners and staff through a complete nightmare and continue to do so. They treat us with utter contempt and yet talk of partnerships. I loathe them with unadulterated passion…

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