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Although most appeal deadlines have now passed things remain frenetic here. Andy’s return from Greece next week represents a very bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
I am not posting all our current war stories here – there is enough heat in relationships between our clients and the LSC without us creating more. Any number of our previously defined terms for LSC approaches equally apply to the present whirlwind of activity.
I will however be covering all of this and related issues, in the secure, private space of the webinar on 27th August. This will outline an action plan to manage risk in the current “assurance” environment – so far as it is possible to plan for “makeitupaswegoallongery”.
Meanwhile I have a PQQ appeal to lodge, a box of Family claims to “verify”, an “on demand” webinar to prepare for the morning, a UPOA response to finalise, a graduate trainee post to advertise, a Formal Review to sketch out, a PoP to agree with clients, one final (?) Family bid appeal to personalise and all before 2 pm when I have a meeting about exciting IT things. (That said I have not yet had time to have a good play with the iPad though I intend to this weekend).
On top of this there are 4/5 new songs to rehearse for Sat 4th September.
No I would not be bored if I had nothing to do.

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