Beggers Belief

I thought I had hit rock bottom regarding Civil procurement. Thought it impossible that there could be anything worse than we have experienced to date. Thought it a certainty, given the time taken, that appeals would be so carefully considered that no more mistakes would be made. Now this;

Appeal point successful, an additional 5 points awarded for Panel membership, as claimed, and originally mismarked by the LSC.
The 5 points originally, and correctly, awarded for membership of the other LS Panel concurrently removed, because the Supervisor is not a member of the Resolution Panel, a claim never made in the bid.
No contract awarded.

JRS offer a bottle of champagne to anyone who can better this monumental cock up.
And all this at a time when the process is under such detailed Judicial scrutiny. How can they defend the legal challenge when they cant even do the basic marking properly?

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