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There is a statement from the LSC now confirming the proposed new timetable
here. New Civil contracts from November 15th.
The Law Society’s outline claim is here and you can download the full version there too. It is worth reading.
The “Creighton” group of firms, who have been pursuing their action have also been given special leave to join TLS action as an Interested Party. They are making an Urgent Appeal for new participants and can be contacted via Oliver Hudson At Stamps in Hull. HIs e-mail address is –

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5 comments on “More JR Stuff

  • i presume that this is one twelfth of the present contract ?

  • Or one month of the extension contract I think

  • and if you have accepted a new post starting 14th October based on a successful bid…?

  • Quite. Employees and employers who have made significant decisions in reliance on contract awards (the latter having been goaded to do so, in order to demonstrate their ability to deliver, by their RMs and Area Managers) must surely have some sort of claim?

  • unlikely ; its been happening in crime for as long one can remember
    The idea to divide up duty solicitor slots on work done led to many firms letting duty solicitors go before the LSC abandoned it.

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