On a cold, grey Teesside morning in January 1994 we sat nervously awaiting our first ever Franchise audit. In the circumstances, complete uncertainty about the nature of the process, it passed off not too badly with the horror of receiving “major” non-compliances being thoroughly explained by our new “Liaison Manager”
I next met this Liaison Manager, Dean Grindle, as a colleague, during my short stay at the LAB, 2 years later. (This might have lasted longer had my self-engineered transfer to the Newcastle Office not been vetoed by my Area Manager).
Dean is, as of this morning, once again a colleague this time at JRS. As you can probably imagine this is not without a huge sigh of relief on our part given current work loads. We are also absolutely delighted to be able to add such a depth of knowledge and experience to the team.

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  • Welcome Dean! I think the assistance will be greatly appreciated…

  • Tuesday 21 September 2010
    The High Court today unexpectedly postponed the hearing of the Law Society’s expedited judicial review application by two days. The hearing had been due to take place today and tomorrow, but will now take place on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 September. Judgment is now expected to be delivered early next week instead of this Friday.
    The reason for the postponement arose out of a last minute decision by the Court that a two judge Divisional Court should hear the case. Lord Justice Munby joined Mr Justice Beatson in Court today but then had to recuse himself because of a personal reference he had given to a partner in one of the intervening firms. Lord Justice Moses was appointed to take his place but could only be made available from Thursday.
    Preparations for the hearing concluded yesterday. Please read the Law Society’s skeleton argument (PDF). In the absence of any significant movement by the Legal Services Commission on the access to justice issue, the relief sought by the Law Society will now include quashing the family law tender round and an extension of the current family law contracts.

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