Leaner and More Efficient

For years we have offered a free telephone advice service. This is not entirely altruistic and certainly has some marketing value. More importantly though it helps keep us alive to the day-to-day concerns of the profession.
In recent times more and more people have begun to search for advice by e-mail. These are much harder for us to handle and also are routinely more time consuming as we, more often than not, require more info than supplied in the original query occasioning the need for an flurry of e-mails and usually an eventual phone call!
As we all need to become leaner and more efficient in current times we are going to reassert the offer of free phone advice but are routinely going to ask those seeking assistance by e-mail to ring rather then type.
We hope that this doesn’t inconvenience anyone and there are, again, 3 of us and shortly a 4th at the end of a phone.

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