Part Heard

A common feature of the current Financial Stewardship round is the remarkable degree of self belief certain RMs hold regarding their interpretation of contract.
There are, of course, those who express reasonable misgivings, and understand that such arguments have long been a legitimate element of the rough and tumble of cost assessments. There are others who’s slavish devotion to toeing the party line is understandable but still irritating.
That said there exists the first mentioned sub set, who are fervent in their stance and have a level of self confidence bordering on omnipotence. Not only are they correct but any suggestion otherwise is as malign as it is inconceivable.
Cost Appeal Committee addressed some of these points recently and was adjourned to a further hearing, as agreement could not be reached. Surely not!
Those awaiting these to, hopefully, shed some light on issues will unfortunately have to wait a little longer.

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