Is “No News” Good News 

Still no word on the Cost Appeal Committee hearing of the 1st of last month. Hoping that this is an indication of a positive result for the profession – one imagines that a negative one would have appeared on their website somewhat sooner.

SQM Delivery Partnership 

We have covered the outsourcing of SQM auditing by the LSC here – and in the webinar – on a number of occasions. I Did so last Friday again. We have had a number of slightly panicky calls however from people telling us that we have got the deadlines wrong and that you have to […]

Man At Work 

Yesterdays posts seem unaccountably to have disappeared – they covered this months webinars, a belated Friday song from last week and some news about the CCLF recoupment of overpayment appeals. Probably will not have time to rewrite them today. We are doing work on the site at the moment so it might be as a […]