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Waste Watch 

In coalition Britain we intend this feature to become a regular, designed to inform cost savings in Legal Aid. We have mentioned this attempt to set a cost guidance precedent, which has no possibility of success, on a couple of occasions. Today comes the final result awaited in this post. How much does a Peer […]

Older Still 

Did I get a bit ranty earlier? Perhaps with good reason. A client, fully aware that his contract is overpaid, has had some interaction with the Autorecbot team. The proposed, summary reduction to his SMP is severe and will create immediate cash-flow problems. We talk. “Have you asked for your 7.5% “uplift” which is a […]

The Waiting 

We have some more circumstantial evidence that the long awaited PoP on Family level 2 claims has been successful – perhaps it might be published sometime soon!

No County for an Old Man? 

I suppose, as I have said before, I am of an age where being grumpy is a natural phenomenon – they make TV programmes on this basis. Some say that I have been like this for a number of years, and it has nothing to do with the ageing process. Be that as it may. […]