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We would be very interested to know if any of you received a notification regarding CLA 54 from the LSC yesterday?

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  • Nope, not a word from them. I have however emailed my RM to advise that I am looking at our FS outcome again in light of this.
    We shall see what transpires.

  • Email back from my RM to say “We are waiting for some guidance as to how this will be dealt with but it is likely that that this will only effect decisions made after 30th December which means that it would apply to any FS meetings that took place after this date of validation meetings.”
    We had FS meetings before 20th, or 30th, or whatever, Dec 2010, but got a decision as to recoupments in Feb this year.
    More makeitupaswegoalongery I feel Simon!

  • Now up on the LSC’s website
    CLS News

  • They have fixed it now

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