Off to do the Webinar. Do enjoy tomorrows holiday, specifically established to allow you to join in my wedding anniversary celebrations.

Grown Ocean 

I am so looking to the new Fleet Foxes new album “Helpless Blues” next week; Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.


We have discussed this sort of thing before, welcome back to my world: The following file is appealed subsequent to a


As is ever the case, this weeks repeat of the “New Family Fees” webinar will be better than the first. I have clipped some “deadwood” and added points I received most questioning about so as to be clearer in the first instance. As the LSC used to say Kaizen, continuous improvement in English. If you […]

Hogwarts News 

The CMRF and CDS 6 Wizards are being updated (again) as we speak and should be available, by request, from next week.


This week, 28th April, we repeat the Friday Webinar on Thursday experience, covering; The New Family Fee Schemes It is the same topic as last week, the introduction of Higher Standard Fees and the Family Advocacy Scheme on May 9th and, essentially the identical course, although I intend to do some fine tuning of the […]

Class Action 

We have had, not unsurprisingly, a number of people thinking about retrospective appeals following on from CLA 54. There has been some interest expressed in those so doing making contact which we are happy to facilitate. Just drop me a line.

Question Time 

Phone is busy following the webinar however her is the advocates attendance form required by the new FAS as promised


The fieldwork lads have been doing some work on Conveyencing Quality Scheme if anyone is interested.

Very Appealing 

I had a very enjoyable evening with a mate I have not seen in nearly 15 years last night. Barely caught up in over three and a half hours – plus he’s going to try and find me a drummer. His day job is with the Tees Music Alliance who are behind this splendid event […]