I Predict a Riot 

Andy and I have had concurrent queries about the forthcoming changes to monthly CDS 6 reporting. The intent is clearly to make “overclaiming” even easier to spot – the requirement for the DSCC ref no. for instance. The phone calls to us came following “helpful” letters, to firms from RMs, pointing out claims which will […]

When is my Next Holiday? 

Yesterday was another lesson in LSC “makeitupaswegoalongery” on the Financial Stewardship front. This process has seen more changes in direction than a twisty, turny thing. Indeed trying to remember 2 examples where the same approach has been applied, consistently is beyond my, admittedly failing, sense of recall. Most commonly now, we are greeted with the […]

Do It! 

Come on folks – sign Andrew’s Crimeline petition if you haven’t already