Question Time 

Phone is busy following the webinar however her is the advocates attendance form required by the new FAS as promised


The fieldwork lads have been doing some work on Conveyencing Quality Scheme if anyone is interested.

Very Appealing 

I had a very enjoyable evening with a mate I have not seen in nearly 15 years last night. Barely caught up in over three and a half hours – plus he’s going to try and find me a drummer. His day job is with the Tees Music Alliance who are behind this splendid event […]


The fog is lifting outside JRS HQ in much the same way that it does when firms move out of the “relationship Manager Assurance” process and into formal appeal of “Provider Assurance” assessments. Rather that the “what happens next?”, “will this ever end”, makeitupaswegoalongery of the former we have a reasonably well defined appeal process […]


This petition.