When is my Next Holiday?

Yesterday was another lesson in LSC “makeitupaswegoalongery” on the Financial Stewardship front. This process has seen more changes in direction than a twisty, turny thing. Indeed trying to remember 2 examples where the same approach has been applied, consistently is beyond my, admittedly failing, sense of recall.
Most commonly now, we are greeted with the almost child like plea of “please make it go away”, as firms face seemingly endless, expanding requests for self-validation of files. The spurious, unappealable RM ” decisions” – on which the escalation is based, are equally as idiosyncratic (of bizarre if you prefer).
The contortions they will go to to keep appeals at bay is a further frustration.

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  • I am not convinced that there is any contractual power to force you self validate files. On the CLDVE front I suppose they are stating an intent to redetermine and nill claims so there is financial motivation to check the aged claims.

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