The LSC say: “Any work wrongly addressed after 4 July 2011 will be returned”. To make sure you get it to the right place download the Where work is processed, document.

Ghost Tree 

An occasional JRS envelope stuffer and neighbour spotted this tree on a driving lesson yesterday. Apparently the Environment Agency where taking samples from it and said that it is covered in caterpillars (ermine yponomeuta moths) which have cocooned the tree, the fence, the gate posts basically everything in a 10 foot radius.

Macros Disabled 

Is anybody else having a nightmare without he CDS 12? It is Helen’s first experience of this Excel spreadsheet and so far has not been a happy one! Don’t forget it has to be in by tomorrow tea time.

Back to the Stone 

Nice run out over the Pennines yesterday, scenic route on the A66 and not the M62, to deliver a bit of in-house training. I seem to be doing a lot of this, in house training not driving on the A66, at the moment and, to be fair, it makes a change from the daily grind […]