I have had one of those days where the client problems have become increasingly bizarre the longer it has gone on. For reasons of client confidentiality there is little I can say to substantiate this statement and the unavoidable conclusion; things at the LSC are in worse shape than even I had imagined.

Hard Times 

Payment delay is a real, live problem for most of the clients I speak to. In a recent discussion this involved a firm at their overdraft limit and with an inflexible bank. The explanation offered here is that this is an IT problem. The solution – to apply for hardship payments or, exceptionally, to have […]

Big Brother IS Watching You 

Unbeknown to us when we scheduled this Friday’s webinar – on the new Family Fee Scheme – was the correspondence landing on suppliers desks. We spoke to a client who has not registered for the LSC on-line training. They have been “encouraged to make use of this training tool” in correspondence from the Commission, pointing […]