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I have a half written post about the inequalities in the current scheme of things. It is born out of the personal experience a friend wrestling with the legal aspects of separation. She is Legally Aided, he not so. She has a junior family lawyer with whom it is difficult to get a timely appointment. He has, I will say a forceful rather than aggressive, senior family practitioner willing, at private client rates, to produce correspondence, and plenty of it, at the drop of a hat.
She is struggling badly with all of this and is clearly involved in an unequal “fight”.
This inequality of arms, albeit anecdotal, is demonstrative of the two-tier divide present in the current justice system. It is something of which we are all, I think aware, however perhaps do not reflect upon very often. I did however yesterday as I read through each area of law being axed from scope of Legal Aid.
When the “Justice” Bill is enacted clients like her will, of course be on their own, and my friend is very far from being a vulnerable client.

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